The Phoenician Experience

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Phoenician ship

Phoenician ship.


300,000 people now visit us each year to discover more about the Phoenicians who sailed from Lebanon into the pages of history.

Many intriguing subjects on the Phoenicians and the ancient Mediterranean are explored in these sections:

   BBC Program

   Academic Papers & Research

   General Interest History

   Legends & Mythology

Academic Papers & Research

     Academic Overview

Provides the background and common thread that runs 

through all the papers

     Origin of Phoenicians

From a paper presented at

Queen Mary College in 


     The Minoans

From a paper presented at

California State University, 

Long Beach

     Sea Peoples

From a paper presented at

Al Akhawayn University in 

Ifrane, Morocco

     Punic Wars and Peace

From a paper presented at

Marquette University in 


A remarkable book ----  

The experiences of the Phoenicians in the ancient Mediterranean are explored in rich detail and highly readable form in the book Phoenician Secrets

Drawing back the veil of secrecy surrounding the Phoenicians uncovers new glimpses of the early Lebanese people as well as Romans, Greeks, Minoans, Sea Peoples, Egyptians and other societies.

This is a walk through the idyllic ancient Mediterranean you will always remember.

The Phoenicians were the great sea-traders of the ancient Mediterranean, famous for cedar ships, the alphabet, purple cloth, Carthage, Hannibal and cities in Lebanon. Yet they also created a strong and unique society that interacted with the great societies of antiquity such as Greece, Rome, Egypt, Persia and others. 

General Interest History

Some of the most famous and a few of the lesser-known aspects of Phoenician life are explored in the pages below.

     Phoenician Alphabet     

     Ancient Ships and Sea Trade   

     Carthage and Hannibal

     Ancient Mediterranean           

     Phoenicians ... Images        

     Phoenicia ... Greece and Rome

     Solomon's Temple           

     Knights Templar in Lebanon           

     Egypt, Pyramids & Cedar   

     Cedars of Lebanon

     Phoenician Colonies

     Byblos, Sidon and Tyre

     Beirut & Other Cities

     Lebanon Images


Phoenician Legends & Mythology

These are the immortal legends involving the Phoenician people, passed down from generation to generation among themselves and other ancient societies.  They tell of epic love, great men and noble women.



     Isis and Osiris



The journey begins here.  Regardless of how much you already know about the Phoenicians, you will almost certainly find something new.-


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The BBC made a documentary on the Phoenicians as part of its series titled "Ancient Worlds."

In this program Sanford Holst gave insights to the latest discoveries about the Phoenicians.

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