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Carthage was a colony of the Phoenicians, and was said to have been founded by Elissa from the city of Tyre. After becoming large and powerful, Carthage then ruled a number of other colonial settlements. 

Elissa, legendary founder

of Carthage

Details about the origin of Carthage and all these other colonies can be found in Chapters 13 to 21 of Phoenician Secrets: Exploring the Ancient Mediterranean.

Among the Phoenician towns and ports established at this time were these in Libya: Leptis, Oia and Sabrata; in Tunisia: Hippo Diarrhytos, Neapolis, Hadrumetum, Thapsos and Acholla; in Algeria: Hippo and Icosium (Algiers); in Sicily: Solus, Panormus (Palermo), Motye; in Sardinia: Nora, Karalis, Sulci and Tharros; in Pantelleria: Kossyra; in Malta: Melita and Gaulos; in Ibiza: Ebusos; in Spain: Abdera, Sexi, Malaka, Karteia and Tartessos; in Morocco: Zili and Tingis...which we know today as Tangier.  Other colonies are mentioned from time to time, but these are the ones that come up the most often.

See our pages on Carthage and the Colonies for additional details about them

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