Knights Templar

in Lebanon






Knights Templar in Lebanon

Knights Templar in Lebanon

 On  the surface it would seem that the new book Sworn in Secret is about the Knights Templar and Freemasons. But as it opens we see that both of those groups owe a huge debt to the Lebanese people and the Phoenicians who came before them. 

It begins with Solomon's Temple, for which the Phoenician king of Tyre provided masons, cedar and gold. The Knights Templar named themselves after this temple, taking it as their foundation. Freemasons likewise trace their traditions and heritage to Solomon's Temple, and even use it as the model for their lodge rooms.

When the Knights Templar were formed in 1119 AD, they discovered half the people in Lebanon were Christians like themselves. In time they came to rely heavily on the people of that ancient society. Lebanese customs and practices were absorbed by the Templars, along with many Lebanese men. When those knights somehow became the international bankers of Europe, they displayed an even greater dependence on Lebanese expertise.

As we see more and more threads link these three societies, it becomes woven into a tapestry that displays the remarkable story of Lebanese influence on Europe and the world.

The rich details of this Lebanese

journey are found in

Sworn in Secret

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Knights Templar in Lebanon

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