Memories of Lebanon

History of a People

Memories of Lebanon

Remembering younger days in the Gemmayze neighborhood of Beirut

This book is being prepared by:


James Kaddo, Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles County, who was born in Zgharta, Lebanon, and is a graduate of UC Berkeley and USC.


Sanford Holst, historian and author of the landmark book Phoenician Secrets, who is a graduate of MIT and UCLA.


Amira Matar, financial executive, who was born in Lebanon and educated in the USA.

Memories of Lebanon: History of a People

Many individual people are contributing material and memories to this book, which will be a treasure trove for everyone of Lebanese descent, and people intrigued at the prospect of seeing inside the vividly complex fabric of this ancient and proud society.

Remembering March 14, 2005, in Lebanon

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