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Phoenician Secrets:

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Phoenician coin

Phoenicians bookThe Phoenicians in Lebanon and the ancient Mediterranean are explored in rich detail in this deeply researched and fascinating narrative. Rather than seeing darkness in the years prior to classical Greece, we now see lights shining on remarkable societies, great leaders and epic events. By pulling back the curtains of secrecy around the Phoenicians we see a clear view of the earliest days of Lebanon, as well as of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and people of other societies. 

Did the Phoenicians come from Syria or Iraq? New information now shows with greater certainty that the Phoenicians came only from Lebanon. Many other mysteries are also resolved in this well written and enjoyable narrative.

David Northrup, Ph.D. says:

"Thoroughly researched and clearly written…a welcome addition to all libraries.

"Popular accounts of the Phoenicians are rarely coherent and comprehensive. Sanford Holst’s survey of the rise and fall of the Phoenicians is a splendid exception.                                 See this paperback book on Amazon

"I learned a great deal from it and know that others will, too."  

Henry Zeiter adds:

This is an excellent book about a great civilization, the ancestors of the alphabet and navigation, and of the Lebanese People. I could identify every nuance of the Lebanese character with Holst's description of the Phoenicians.

Sanford Holst is one of the leading authorities in the world on the Phoenician people, and appears in the BBC series Ancient Worlds. Elected a member of the prestigious Royal Historical Society for his work in this field, Holst has presented academic papers on the Phoenicians at universities in the USA and around the world. His degrees from MIT and UCLA enabled him to expand on existing knowledge of the Phoenicians by pursuing intensive field work in countries ranging from Lebanon and Egypt to Greece and Morocco. Working with respected experts, often on-site, he has added photos, sources, and five years of additional research to his previous work. He now shares those insights in readily understandable documentaries, talks and books. 

Judge James Kaddo: 

"A well written, historically accurate book about a great civilization which has been by-passed by the annals of history. I have given many copies to my friends and they have found it equally enjoyable."

Dany Chalhoub:

"There are few history books so compelling as to leave you wanting to read more. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Mr. Holst has done a phenomenal job in writing as well as researching the Phoenicians. I have read other books about Phoenicians in the past and was never really impressed. This one has a special way of pulling everything together so that their accomplishments make sense." 

Rita G:

The other fascinating thing about this book is that the qualities that the Phoenicians demonstrated in the ancient world are still instilled in the Lebanese in the modern world. Even today, Lebanese around the world are committed to family, faith and relationships. They are highly independent, resilient, determined, generous and gracious. They value fairness, freedom and caring about others. And, they pass on these qualities and practices from one generation to another. I read one book a week, and give this one 5 stars--which is the highest rating I give any book. I highly recommend it!

Anthony K:

"Sanford Holst's book should be a "must read!" for all those who want to learn the science and art of how a social system not only survives but thrives in an environment of great political, military, cultural, religious, and economic turbulence…." 

George H:

"I found the book excellent to read and comprehensive with great photos. I especially enjoyed reading about the legend of the Phoenix." 

Lori M:

"Sanford Holst has created a fascinating, accessible and intriguing narrative of the Phoenicians. It explains how the success of trade and necessary inventions, including the alphabet, developed in the civilizations of the Mediterranean." 

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    This is a reading experience you will always remember.

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