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sanford Holst is author of the most complete history of these remarkable people, Phoenician Secrets: Exploring the Ancient Mediterranean.  He is a sought-after speaker who has delivered a number of academic papers on different aspects of Phoenician society and its long history.  He has worked with scholars of history, archaeology and languages at colleges and universities across the United States and around the world.

In performing research on this unique society for the past thirty years, Sanford Holst has been to the Mediterranean many times and visited an array of ancient sites, and museums that house their artifacts.  He has collaborated with other experts in Lebanon, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain and Morocco.  The Phoenicians were the early inhabitants of Lebanon, and many traces of their society are still visible among Lebanese people today.

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Phoenician Secrets: Exploring the Ancient Mediterranean

Sanford Holst

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