Discovering the Phoenicians

Much more is known about the Phoenicians than most people realize. In these pages we go beyond the usual facts about their sea trade, ships and alphabet to explore the latest discoveries about them. This is accompanied by many beautiful pictures from archaeological sites, museum collections and paintings by famous artists presenting Phoenician scenes, artifacts and people. Serious research is found here, including academic papers on key issues and epic historical events involving the Phoenicians. At the other end of the spectrum, we recount the great legends and imaginative mythology involving the Phoenician people.

Phoenician History

Some of the most fascinating recent discoveries about the Phoenicians show that their cities existed before and after the Sea Peoples swept across the Mediterranean world in 1200 BC. The archaeological findings are quite clear, and the implications for helping us understand Phoenician society are tantalizing. In addition to that, we learn intriguing details about the origins of ship-building, the alphabet and Phoenician society.

Academic Papers

At universities in the USA and overseas, academic papers were presented on essential Phoenician subjects. These complete papers are shown here, along with all of their citations. “Origin of the Phoenicians,” Queen Mary College in London; “The Minoans,” California State University at Long Beach; “Sea Peoples,” Al Akhawayn University in Morocco; “Punic Wars and Peace,” Marquette University in Milwaukee.

Phoenician Legends

Great gods and exceptional people appear in Phoenician mythology, including Adonis, the much-desired young man; Aphrodite the most attractive of all women; Europa who married Zeus and gave birth to King Minos and the Minoans; and Elissa who founded the metropolis known as Carthage. The Egyptians even wove the Phoenicians into their legends of Isis and Osiris. These cherished stories reflect how people around the Mediterranean regarded the Phoenicians as being intimately involved with their own lives.

Seeing the Phoenicians

Carthage, Punic Wars and peace
Phoenicians at Carthage
Coins of Phoenicians

Phoenician coins from their trading empire

Tyre city of Phoenicians

Tyre’s rise to lead the Phoenician cities

Gold mask of Phoenicians

Golden mask from Sidon in Phoenicia

For additional information

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